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Breathe TSG Says You Can

TSG Fitness emerged as Egypt’s first sports performance fitness center, offering a unique scientific approach and enriching experiences for clients within the fitness industry.

If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, we aim to provide you with improved performance, strength, power, balance, agility, and speed. We design your sports-specific conditioning workout according to your body metrics, which we test throughout your journey, and maintain a full understanding of your body with the best customized training and nutrition programs to help you keep up with your training without getting injured or experiencing a lack of energy.


You can only improve what you can measure. ​

At TSG, we believe in measuring your performance and tracking your results. To plan attainable goals, we conduct thorough...​


Personalized nutrition consultation.​

Our nutritionists at TSG take a personalized approach to nutrition counseling. We calculate each client's ...​


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation​

Physiotherapy is a vital component for any sport and the general population. Our physiotherapist is not only experienced in physiotherapy, but also an internationally certified sports performance expert. This adds...​


Weight loss program

Our weight loss program is a scientific and comprehensive approach that includes both training and..

Join Online

Train Wherever & Whenever!

TSG launched a scientific-based online training and nutrition program. Participants will visit the gym once for the initial fitness assessment and nutrition consultation, then a training program will be designed on...​