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Breathe TSG Says You Can

TSG Fitness launched in Egypt to become the first sports performance fitness center, providing a unique scientific perspective and valuable experience to clients in the fitness industry.

If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, we aim to provide you with improved performance, strength, power, balance, agility, and speed. We design your sports-specific conditioning workout according to your body metrics, which we test throughout your journey, and maintain a full understanding of your body with the best customized training and nutrition programs to help you keep up with your training without getting injured or experiencing a lack of energy.


You Can't Improve What You Can't Measure.

In TSG it’s all about measuring your performance, it’s all about tracking your results. Planning your attainable goals requires thorough assessments to your fitness level..


Healthier body, Healthier life.

Our nutritionists at TSG take a personalized approach to nutrition counseling. We calculate each client’s needs and..


Recover & Rehab

Whether you're recovering from an athletics injury, recently procedure, or have any concern that keeps you away from keeping your body physically healthy..


Weight loss program

Our weight loss program is a scientific and comprehensive approach that includes both training and..

Join Online

Train Wherever & Whenever!

TSG launched a scientific based ONLINE training and nutrition program. Participants will visit the gym once for the initial Fitness Assessment and Nutrition Consultation, then a training program will be designed on TSG application which you can follow anywhere to reach your goals and needs. Not only this, but a weekly nutrition follow up will be made to change your whole lifestyle..