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Having been involved in sports throughout our lives, my husband, Hussein Mesharafa and I founded TSG as a passion project together, building on and using our own experiences as competing national athletes. The inspiration for TSG came not only from our passion for sports, but also our desire to methodologically elevate the athletic performance of individuals who want to live a lifestyle where sport is a part of the daily routine - whether it is on the professional or amateur level.

Growing weary of the same run of the mill gyms found everywhere, we wanted to create a space where individuals with a desire to live a healthier way of life could excel. It is for that reason that TSG operates with one basic principle, we vow to tailor and individualize your experience to match your goals and athletic level using state of the art equipment, instant biofeedback and simple hands-on technology to help you reach your expectations.

In TSG, there is no room for guesswork when it comes to our members. We develop and guide them with individual, strategic planning to help them reach their absolute best and maximize their own potential. Make no mistake TSG is not a run of the mill gym. We are the first athletic performance center of its kind in Egypt, providing unique services, athletic-based equipment and instant feedback technology aimed purely at delivering an exceptional experience, in and out of the gym.

Yasmine Said


TSG Fitness is Egypt’s 1st sports performance fitness center, providing a unique, scientific perspective & experience to clients in the fitness industry.

If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, we aiming to provide you with improved performance, strength, power, balance, agility and speed, we design your sports-specific conditioning workout, and your customized training and nutrition programs.


Meet TSG Team

Our coaches are certified from:EXOS, ACE, IFPA, TRX, Brook Bush Institute, ISSA & NASM.

Kareem Ahmed

Karim El Sherif

Maryam Khaled

Mona Hassan

Mustafa Srour